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Q. How do I apply for a Canadian Ice Road Trucking Job outside of Canada?

A. Simply contact any one of the Ice Road Trucking Companies listed in our directory, and inquire about current positions available.  They will then forward you an Employment Application to your home address or via email.  Fill it out, and send it back.  You should have a response within 1 week of your submission.  You will find information on how to submit your Resume/Job Application within our directory.


Q. How much could I realistically earn in the Ice Road Truck Season as an experienced Truck Driver?

A. Whether you are experienced or inexperienced driver, you can expect to earn a minimum of $20k, and a maximum of $80k in a two month time frame.   If it's your 2nd or 3rd season, expect to make an average of $35-$45k during the Ice Road Season.


Q. Do I need my own rig or truck to drive when working for an Ice Road Transport Company?

A. No, upon hiring, you will be assigned a rig for you to drive.  Although, if you did have a rig of your own, you could work as an independent driver on a per job basis.


Q. Is any training required to become an Ice Road Trucker?

A. Training is required before any freight company will allow you to drive off into the day or night across the ice roads. 

Experienced Driver's:

If you are a licensed commercial truck driver, regardless of which country you reside in, all that you need to do is to participate in a 1 week on-site ice road driving program sponsored by the freight companies in the Yellowknife Region.  Then you're ready for your first assignment.

Inexperienced Driver's:

If you are an inexperienced, unlicensed truck driver then you will need to participate in a 1-2 month training program at a truck driving school in Canada.  Please note that the hiring freight company will pay all fees associated at the school.  A complete list of the Schools & Training programs are listed in the directory.


Q.  Who will pay for my transportation costs to and from Yellowknife?

A. Usually, the freight transport / trucking company will pay all of your transportation costs to and from the city & country in which you reside.


Q. How do I obtain a VISA to work in the Ice Road Trucking Industry?

A. If you reside in a country outside of Canada that requires a VISA, you'll need to contact the trucking company(ies) you are interested in driving for, and request an application.  Then you will need to fill out the application, and send it back to the Ice Road Trucking Company for review.  If they like what they see, they will then conduct a phone Interview.  If you're accepted, you will receive a WORK PETITION for which you will then present to the Canadian Embassy in your country.  Statistically speaking, over 85% of VISA's are issued when a petition of this kind is presented because of the need for driver's in the Yellowknife region.


Q.  What's the best way to secure employment in Yellowknife?

A. The best way to find a job in the trucking industry in Yellowknife is to call, email, fax or mail the trucking companies in our directory.  You won't find a more complete list of Ice Road Trucking Companies on the Internet guaranteed.


Q.  Is Ice Road Truck driving difficult work?

A. Yes.  You must have the stamina, will, but most of all the enthusiasm for the industry.  Life on the Ice Road's is certainly an exhilarating experience.  There's no other feeling than the adrenaline you get when driving off to the Diamond Mines over the Ice Roads, when at any moment, the Ice could crack.  With some skill & style, we know that you will love this job!


Q.  Will there be enough jobs to go around?

A.  Yes, as you may already by aware, the turnover rate in the Ice Road Trucking industry is high. People come and go, jumping from job to job. Freight & Transport Companies are always lacking qualified driver's.  In fact, on any given day throughout the Ice Road Trucking season, trucking companies are down on driver's by about 20-30%.  YES, THAT'S RIGHT 20-30%.  Trucks sit for days until the next group of driver's come back from the Diamond Mines.  If you're looking for a job as an Ice Road Truck Driver, then simply contact any one of our Transport Companies in the directory.



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