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You're driving on ice and only a few feet stands between you and disaster.  Knowing how your rig handles and the best way to cross the frozen rivers, lakes, ponds and bays to deliver your supplies is crucial.   As ice road truckers ourselves, we cannot describe the anxious yet exciting, adrenalin pumping feeling that one gets when driving over a bay or river to arrive at our destination.  By far, it's one of the best jobs a truck driver can have can have as it offers both adventure and high pay.

An ice road by definition is a road that is simply of made of ice which are grooved and compressed so that truck drivers may use them as regular roads.  They link dry land, waterways and portages.  However, these roads are only passable 2-3 months out of the year when it is the coldest, before they begin to warm and is too thin, becoming too dangerous to cross.

The Alaskan bush and Canadian tundra have been virtually untouched for millions of years, until of course when the proper equipment was available to transport food and supplies to remote areas.   Oil rigs, diamond mines and small remote villages depend on the ice road truckers for their annual shipment of much needed goods within the 2-3 month time frame that is the ice road trucking season.

At first glance, an ice road looks just like a regular road, but just covered with ice, black looking in many instances.  However, it's not as simple as hitting the pedal and steering around.  It takes experience, a feel and understanding of the roads to make calculated decisions.  One wrong move could result to an accident.

For those of you who wish to brave the elements and make great money, then this may be the job you're looking for.

The best thing is that there is always a need for experienced truck drivers as it is seasonal and there are high turnovers due to the amount of money one can make in the 2-3 month time span.  For example, a typical ice road truck driver earns up to $40k, an amount that typically takes a year to earn driving in normal every day conditions on most public roads.

This is what makes the ice roads so appealing, the fact that not only are your expenses paid, including room and board, but you'll see the country, challenge yourself and make money at the same time.

Whether you hold a commercial drivers license, such as a CDL or not, we know that you will find all of the resources, tools, information & contacts to secure a job on the beautiful Alaskan or Canadian ice roads as so many others have.  Regardless of which country you are from or what language you speak, as long as you have some experience driving a truck, whether licensed or not, you will not find a shortage of ice road companies hiring.

In a typical season, newcomers will earn anywhere from $20k to $40k USD, but if you're able to secure a work contract with one of the dozens of ice road trucking firms and have experience, you can expect to earn up to $80k USD in just two to three months.  Imagine taking home that kind of pay simply by transporting goods over the ice roads.

Why Drive The Ice Roads? 

Life on the ice roads is truly an exciting and inspirational experience.  Responsibility will be placed squarely on your shoulder's to deliver much needed supplies to oil rigs, diamond mines, offices, homes and small villages in remote areas.

You'll be providing an invaluable service to those who are depending on you.  There's nothing like pulling into a diamond mine or up to a oil rig with workers cheering and thanking you for getting it to them with a bonus waiting for you back at the hub.  You have to remember that these people don't see any new faces for 10 months out of the year!

The sheer excitement and jubilation is amazing and indescribable.  With our resources, you'll be able to secure a top pay ice road trucking job with the most reputable ice road transportation firms in Canada or Alaska.

By accessing our resources, you'll eliminate time and money trying to search for a job, as the companies listed in our Members Area are actively hiring new truckers.

Unlike many other guides, CD's and informational products offered on the web for ice road truck job seekers, you can have peace mind that this site and its members area are run by actual ice road truckers who compiled the resources & contacts necessary for anyone with truck driving experience, regardless of which country they are from to quickly find and secure a ice road trucking contract.

We are the only reputable web site and online ice road trucking employment service online endorsed by both Alaskan and Canadian ice road trucking associations.

The Two Month Window In Alaska and Canada

The Dash For Cash Is On From Late November to Mid-January


The ice road trucking opportunities throughout Alaska are plentiful as there are hundreds of transportation companies throughout the state that need experienced truck drivers willing to transport goods over sometimes treacherous ice roads to remote villages, townships and oil rigs in Prudhoe Bay along with other areas as well.  From Prudhoe Bay and other surrounding areas, there are a number of ice roads linking remote areas.

One of the largest ice roads in Alaska is 25 miles long that runs over the Arctic Ocean in Prudhoe Bay Alaska.  The maximum speed is 10 miles per hour so as to not make waves and cause damage to the ice.

There is also a busy ice road made from the Kuparuk Oil Field to the Alpine oil field, which stretches 31 miles across waterways, lakes, ponds and rivers.

In our Members Area, you will find an extensive list of industry contacts that you can secure an ice road truck driving job within different areas through the state.

The need for food, supplies and fuel in those areas demand that truck drivers make their deliveries in the shortest amount of time possible.

The ice road truck delivery schedule is planned several months in advance to maximize the use of the ice roads before they begin to thaw and the roads are impassable.

Once you secure your job as an ice road trucker through one of the many hiring agents listed in our members area, you will then head to your assigned transportation
company offices in Alaska a couple of weeks before the ice road truck season starts so that they can prepare you.

If it's your first time on the ice roads, then a driver's assistant may accompany you on the first few trips, depending on company policies, and where you'll be heading.

The Ice Road In Prudhoe Bay Alaska - Trucks Delivering Supplies to the Oil Field Offices and Rigs



Diamond Mine in Canada 

The ice roads in Canada are primarily found in the Northern Territories in remote areas.  There are a number of winter ice roads throughout the Northwest region to and from Yellowknife.  In addition, the Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road link various communities and mineral exploration sites including diamond, silver, copper and gold mines to the territory's highway network of roads.

Interestingly, most of the sparsely populated communities located North of Ontario's Albany river can only be reached by the ice roads.  Other areas where there are ice road are in the Yukon region and northwest territories of Nunavut.

The sheer number of ice roads in the Northern region of Canada offer experienced commercial truck drivers countless high paying job opportunities transporting goods to and from isolated areas that can only be reached over the temporary ice roads.

Canada's transportation companies situated in key areas throughout the Northern Territories play a vital role in making crucial deliveries to mineral exploration sites and hundreds of communities where they are accessible only from November to January when it is the coldest.

If you're looking for a high paying truck driving job on the Canadian ice roads, the amount of job opportunities cannot be matched.


Who Can Become An Alaskan or Canadian Ice Road Truck Driver? 

Men or Women - Equal Opportunity Employers

We get this question a lot and the simple fact is and, as long as you have experience driving a commercial truck, licensed or not, you can become an ice road trucker.  There are both male and female drivers. 

Of course, when they do recruit you, they will observe your general truck driving abilities and schedule your route based on your driving assessment.

People from all over the world come to Alaska and Canada for the opportunity to drive on the ice roads within the 8-10 weeks.  It's a very lucrative venture if you are able to secure a contract as you will be able to earn at least a 1 year U.S. salary within just a few short weeks.  If you're willing to take on the ice road challenge, and have experience driving big rigs, then we know that you will absolutely love what this top paying job offers to both newcomers and veteran drivers.

Within the Members Area of our web site, you will find a complete directory of Alaskan and Canadian recruiters and direct contact information to hiring managers at the ice road trucking transportation companies.  When you sign-in and access the list of ice road trucking companies which is updated daily, simply contact any one of them.  They will then send you their official employment package by postal mail, email attachment or by fax.  You'll then fill out the forms and send them back.  Shortly thereafter, there sometimes will be a phone interview and background past employer verification process.  When you receive your official employment new hire approval letter, you will then present that to your embassy "if you are a non-resident" and a VISA will be issued.  If you are a resident, then you don't need to do anything.

Ice road trucking transportation companies most often will pay for your transportation expenses including airfare, room and board and incidentals which is another reason why experienced commercial truck drivers look for ice road trucking positions.

Canadian and Alaskan Ice Road Trucking Work VISA's are issued to residents of the following countries through our industry contacts:

Life On The Ice Roads 

As ice road truckers, we cannot accurately describe the feeling of taking charge rig into the tundra.  Revving the engine, calculating turns, adjusting vehicle speed and watching the beautiful scenery.  Even though an ice road truck driver requires focus and ability, the sheer excitement and satisfaction of being in control of the huge rig over ice while seeing some of the most beautiful landscape in in the world cannot be matched.

Seeing the wildlife, mountains, lakes during day and night is truly breathtaking and will be something that you will remember forever.  It really is a dream job for truck drivers.

Whether you are considering of becoming an ice road trucker or not, the rewards of being one incredible not only on a personal level, but a financial one as well.

The Northern Lights in Alaska is one of the most intriguing phenomena in world and is truly a sight that will never be forgotten.

The Northern Lights Seen Throughout
Alaska At Night

Alaskan Lakes and Mountains Are Some of the Most Beautiful in the World


The Challenge of Driving On The Ice Roads

As an ice road truck driver, you're responsible for your own cargo when crossing the ice roads and the stakes couldn't be higher as there is only a finite period of time to deliver the goods to their destinations.

People will be depending on you to make the deliveries, because if you don't it could mean no food, water or fuel for them.

While all drivers and truck contents are insured, you need to come through not only to make money for yourself but to deliver goods that people desperately needs.

You need to be able to make it there and back without destroying your truck or hurting yourself

Potential Earnings

There is no doubt about it.  The money that can be earned driving from November to January on the ice roads is truly amazing.  As an ice road trucker, you will typically earn up $20k- $40k USD but in certain companies, some first-time drivers will be able to earn up to 60k USD.  Returning ones with a great track record can earn up to $90k (which includes bonuses).

These figures are what most people make in 1-2 years.  We have been driving trucks on the ice roads for many years, and it has enabled us to make a good living and provide for our families.

By just driving over ice and making deliveries over short stretches of ice road will make you thousands of dollars just in a single trip.  There's no other type of truck driving job in the world that will earn you that amount of money you can in two months out of the year.


Ice Road Trucking Employment Opportunities For All

Ice road trucking employment opportunities are available to those regardless of physical condition, age, sex or where you are from.  As long as you are able to drive your truck to your scheduled destination, you can become an ice road truck driver.

What you have to ask yourself is:  Why work 40-60 hours a week for an entire year driving a commercial truck on dry land, when you can drive a commercial truck, licensed or not, for just two three months and earn the same amount, if not more.

Just put your two months of hard driving in and take the 10 months out of the year off to do what you like.

The fact is that if it is a house you're looking to buy or that new car, it can ALL be achieved in just eight short weeks!!!

You may think that driving a truck on ice is too risky, but it's not.  Just obey the speed limits and be careful on your turns.  But, even if you are involved in an accident, you're insured so there is no risk to you or the transportation company you work for.


Do You Have Experience or a Commercial Truck Driving License?

Whether you are fully licensed or not, our members area will provide you with the resources, tools, information & industry contacts necessary to secure a job on the ice roads regardless of which country you are from or what language you speak.

If you are inexperienced, we list training schools and programs for people looking to get jobs on the ice roads in Alaska and Canada.  Using our industry contacts, you'll be able to go to truck driving school for free, paid for by the prospective employer.  All contacts are listed in our comprehensive members area.

If you are from the U.S. or Canada and hold a commercial truck driver's license, you will find that the entire process of finding and snapping up an ice road trucking position to be quite fast.

In our International ice road truck driver's section, you will find all of the resources & contacts to get your new job approval letter from the transportation company which you will use to get your VISA if necessary.

By simply contacting one of the hundreds of ice road trucking transportation companies in our members area, you will be able to secure an ice road truck job soon thereafter.

The Benefits of Driving A Truck On The Ice Roads

There is a plethora of benefits that an ice road truck will enjoy as a high paid ice road trucker.  You will receive full medical, life and dental benefits.  In addition to making a one year's salary in just eight weeks, you will have more time to do the things you want, whether it be travel, spending time with family or making that long awaited purchase.

You will receive a couple of days off during the week to relax during the ice road season and the transportation company you work for, and if you desire, many companies offer you FREE paid truck driving training courses just as long as you continue working for them the next ice road season.

We have hand selected the top ice road trucking firms in Alaska and Canada and rated them from those that offer the most to the fewest benefits so that you will be able to make your decision as to which firm is best suited for you.

This is definitely the ideal job for a truck driver who's looking for high paying temporary work.

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