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If you're a commercial truck driver looking to drive on the Alaskan or Canadian ice roads or are interested in becoming one whether you have experience or not, then you've found the right place.

For experienced truck drivers that hold a commercial driver's license in their home country, you will be able to contact one of many ice road trucking transportation companies and submit your resume / cv through our listed contacts.  Our vast resources and contacts will make the entire process of submitting, follow-up and securing seasonal ice road trucking contracts extremely efficient, due to the fact we establish relationships with the hiring managers themselves and verify each and every one of them weekly to ensure that they are in fact actively hiring or have contracts available for the upcoming season.

For the inexperience, you may be surprised that many of the transportation companies offer FREE truck driving training programs and courses that you can take on-site "in Alaska or Canada".  All you need to do is commit yourself to one ice road trucking company anywhere from 1-3 seasons, and they will pay for your training, room and board, and of course the trips you make on the ice road. Earnings are typically around $40k the first year.

There is no other site as dedicated and rich in resources than ours in the ice road trucking employment industry.  You can be sure that you won't be wasting time or money trying to find and secure an ice road truck job.  We'll be with you every step of the way and will provide full support.

We have a passion for what we do and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in this area to try offer a viable service for those looking to get into the industry without delays or confusion.


What's Included In Our
Industry Endorsed Members Area


Members Area Contents 

List of Alaskan and Canadian Ice Road Trucking Firms -
You will find the most extensive and reliable list of ice road trucking transportation companies that are actively hiring new drivers for the upcoming ice road truck season.  These companies will pay all travel expenses to and from your location along with any training if needed.   You won't find another listing like this.  Compiled by ice road truckers for aspiring ice road truckers. 

Resume Preparation & Submission Tips -
We've learned that it is extremely beneficial that you that you submit your Resume/C.V. in a certain format which they find it easy to read and use internally at their offices.  We've either stopped by or contacted them to find out that the best formats to submit your resume and what it should or shouldn't include.   Our in-depth resource guide within our Members Area will take you-step-by-step through the entire submission and follow processes.

Contract Negotiation Methods -
Within this section, you will learn how to negotiate your contract that best suits your experience and requirements.   For example, you may customize your work contract so that you have certain days off during the week to rest while making the same amount of money.  By learning how to put stipulations in the work contracts, you will ensure that you won't be forced to overwork.

Free Agent / Open Contract -
These types of work agreements will allow you to switch between ice road trucking employment companies without any financial or benefit penalty.  You will be able to free to try different ice road trucking companies at will.  These are very popular among newcomers that aren't 100% sure if they would like to dedicate themselves to just one company for the season.

Truck Driving Courses and Training Programs -
Within this section, you will find a list of all ice road trucking training courses and programs that you may enroll in.  Keep in mind that the ice road trucking company you choose will typically pay for all associated costs to get you prepared for the ice roads.  You will also receive full medical and dental benefits while being paid to complete the course.  They usually have partnerships with regional ice road trucking companies where they are based..  Some actually offer the programs themselves.

Direct Links and Pertinent Contact Information to U.S. and Canadian Embassies and Consulates -
You will also find a list of Canadian and U.S. consulates throughout the world,, regardless of which country you are from if you should require a work permit or VISA.  Once you are hired by telephone or video interview, you will receive a employment approval letter from the transportation company, of which you will then present to the nearest embassy in your area.

Newcomers guide to the Alaskan and Canadian ice roads -
Based from our own experience driving the ice roads, we took the time to create a point by point list of useful tips, ideas and information to help new ice road truck drivers become acquainted as to what it's really like on the roads and making the most of your trip over the ice roads such as great stops which include bars, nightclubs, attractions and lots of other things.

Associations and Interesting Groups -
Also within  our goal, you will find out which associations and groups ice road truckers belong to.  By joining any one of them, you will be able to get more insight into the industry, events planned, social get-togethers, plus so much more.  This list is absolutely a must have if you're driving on the ice roads and just want to talk or need help on anything.

Non-Residents of Canada or the U.S. -
If you are not a resident or citizen of the U.S. or Canada, then you will find the contact information to secure a job on the ice roads.  All you need to do is call, fax, email, video chat or mail them for the application, or just request a live interview providing all details without having to submit your resume/c.v..  Regardless of which region  you are from, whether it be North, Central or South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand or any other part of the world, this section was designed to provide all tools necessary to help commercial truck drivers get hired. 

Magazines, Newspapers, On and Offline Publications -
We offer one of the largest compilations of ice road trucking industry related on and offline publication and news links on the web.   This is our own personal list of the best ice road trucking industry magazines that you can view so that you are current on news, trends, along with ice road truck services and trends. 


Taking Time Off To Enjoy What Alaska and Canada Offers


While working the ice roads in Alaska or Canada, we always suggest taking some time off to explore what the region offers, including dogsledding, ice fishing, hunting, skiing, snowmobiling, plus so much more.  Many transpiration company offer activity programs that are free to ice road truckers.

Of all of the transportation companies we worked for nearly all of them had leisure activities available for ice road truckers to relieve stress and enjoy themselves while there.

To us, the ice road trucking life and what it has to offer is our ideal job as it offers the best of everything, which includes very good pay, benefits and time off.

With our contacts, you will be able to secure your contract or job by simply contacting the ice road trucking firms directly using our inside industry contacts that we personally use to work the ice roads every year.

There's nothing like stopping over at a township or village along the way for a drink at the local pub or bar.  We just love the feeling that you get when you walk into an eating or drinking establishment and they know your name.  Lots of  friends can and will be made while you are having the best time in the bush.


The Process

Whether you are a newcomer to the ice roads or are returning, this process is fairly straightforward.

Once you gain access to our Members Area, you will find a list of transportation companies in Alaska and Canada.  Just pick a handful out, depending on which region you would like to work in and either submit your Resume/C.V. to them, or you can call, fax or email.  You will then receive an employment package to fill out and return either by email attachment or through Postal Mail. 

However, some transpiration companies just do live Internet video interviews with prospective ice road truckers and ask for a few simple details that they will research on their own after the interview.

All of the ones that provide live-video interviews are listed in our guide and can be easily contacted.  They will provide you with the date and time the interview will take place, and it's usually over Skype® or Live Messenger®.

Once you receive your approval letter, you will then use that as proof of employment.  If you are a non-resident of the U.S. or Canada, you may use that approval letter for your VISA at the closest embassy in your area.

The transportation company will then assign you a date, time and location where you are needed to appear and all transportation expenses will be covered to get you there.  This includes airline travel, ship travel, hotels, food and miscellaneous expenses.

Upon your arrival, you will then be evaluated by the recruiting company and undergo a few test runs on the ice which usually only lasts a couple of days.  When you pass, then you will be allowed to make the large trips across the ice roads trails.


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