Ice Road Truck Jobs is run by a group of experienced Alaskan and Canadian ice road truckers that have come together to provide their in-depth industry knowledge, hiring contacts and resources to those looking to secure a job as a high paid ice road trucker in Alaska or Canada.

Bill, Will and Frank have worked for a total of thirty ice road transportation companies in Alaska and Canada over the course of twenty-two years, and over that time have been able to determine the best ways to get hired with maximum pay and benefits, as well as needed time off.  Only the most reputable trucking companies that offer the most benefits and highest pay are listed, so you won't be wasting your time dealing with no-name operations.

By establishing relationships with both the hiring and scheduling managers, ice road trucking positions can be obtained in a timely manner.  You'll be referred to them through our Members Area which will give you an upper hand when looking for secure your 2-3 month contract.

The legwork has been done and all you need to is begin utilizing our industry contacts to make it all happen.

With offices in New Hampshire, Alaska and Satellite offices throughout Canada, we are one of largest firms offering up-to-date ice road truck driving opportunities.

What makes our company unique is the fact that we offer a full members area where prospective ice road truckers may access hundreds of industry resources, tools, information & contacts instantly without having to order books, visit web sites, or buy CD's that contain outdated contact information.

By offering a members area, it has essentially allowed us to pass up-to-the-minute ice road trucking industry information to our members so that when the time comes that you need an ice road trucking job, you may simply login and begin contacting one of the many ice road trucking transportation companies throughout Alaskan bush and Canadian tundra.

We are dedicated ice road truckers that have years of experience on the frigid ice roads and truly accumulated a wealth of knowledge.  We love the ice roads and challenges that we face.  But most of all, all of our work for the year can be accomplished within just two hard months of driving over the ice.

We're off to do what we want to do for the next ten months until we come back.  Our inside industry and tight-lipped information is now available online.

But what's really wonderful is that anyone with a CDL or commercial truck driving experience may qualify for this exciting, challenging and well paying job while seeing some of the most beautiful landscape in the world.

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